As time inches closer to the release of his fourth album, SonOfOld (Nic Olsen) is making the wait sweeter with new music.

His latest single ‘Much Better’ now has amazing visuals to match.

The video was self-shot and edited by the artist.

“We just used whatever we had at our disposal to create the video: cell phones and basic editing software.” Said Nic.

The track references Dead Prez’s iconic track “Hip-Hop” by way of the down tempo beat and hypnotic droning bass in the verse.

Just like his previous single ‘Saturday Night’, SonOfOld collaborated with musician/producer Daniel Baskin.

The pair have worked together previously.

“The goal was to make sure the footage complimented the music and we are all really happy with the end result.”

Having worked with the likes of Parlotones and being the front man of Perez, he is working on his 4th solo project.

“I decided to start a solo project so that I could have a creative project that did not rely on anyone but myself.”

“Bands are wonderful, but it isn’t easy having to rely on others.”

The album is expected to drop on October 23rd.

Watch the Video Below:

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