There is a lot of talent out on these streets, where younger artists are more than what meets the ear.

On ‘Unearthed’ we feature a young artist who are doing a lot to secure their future in both music and academia at times.

Meet Luda BG who realised that no one has your back besides you and music was his go to place.

He worked on his first mixtape Black Cloud and he is excited to make more music!

We asked him 10 random questions, and this is how it went.

Who is Luda BG?

Luda BG is my stage name real name is Bongani Baloyi. Born in Limpopo, grew up in cape town.

When you’re not making music, what are you doing?

To be honest, always on music full time, music feed me. Always on the hustle.

How long have you been makes music?

10 Years.

Who do you look up to?

The artist who inspired me is Emtee. His music is more about reality…I start to relate to him. Always his songs I feel like all his songs, he is talking about my life and I once met him, he is passionate about encouraging upcoming artists.

How has music changed your life?

Music changed my life. I stayed on the streets in Joburg and most people didn’t recognise me. So, when I started making music, they started to recognise me and tried to help me as much as they could, that’s how I came to meet Emtee. I started to release music and people started listening and helped me off the streets.

What is your latest song about?

My latest song is ‘Life’. I’m talking about how I grew up how I lost my parents.

Do you still remember your first song?

Yes, my first track is ‘Dream up’.

What sets you apart from any other people in the game?

I don’t discourage, nor am I negative. I talk more about life and the struggles, so when people listen to my music, they say “this guy is going through the same things as me.”. I am always creative when it comes to the music. I am different because I sing about my life because many artists usually talk about what they have and what many people can’t even afford.

Where can one get your music?


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