The World of Birds have dropped a brand-new Ep on Friday called ‘When The Sun Comes Up’.

Five songs are featured on the Ep and include their brand-new single ‘Yellow Brick Road’.

I spoke to band mates Benjamin and Conor who happen to be brothers about the release.

”It happened very organically.” Said Conor.

The Band consist of him, his brother Benjamin, Nic Preen with Red Robyn being featured on the EP.

Preen is known for his role as the lead singer of SA band Al Bairre and the lead singer of this band.

“This EP, we’ve been sitting on it for a long time, some of the songs have been around for about two years,” said Benjamin.

“It takes a great deal to still be into a song two years later,”

“It was recorded all over the place, in our bedroom, some on the road and studios in Cape Town,” Conor joined in.

The pair mention multiple times that they couldn’t wait for their fans to hear the music.

“We’re excited to reveal that chapter and move past it because once you put it out, you have accepted it and it’s now in the hands of the people.” Said Benjamin in excitement.

Defining their sound & more on the band

Their sound is termed the ‘New Nostalgia’, just mashing together their favourite vibes from the 80s, 90s and today.

“It is a more modern music approach of the songs we grew up listening to,” explained Conor.

In their short time as a band they have had some amazing accomplishments.

They have received over 1,6 Million streams for their music, reached no.1 on 5fm for their song ‘2020’.

Speaking about their achievements particularly around radio charts, they said it is “crazy”.

“You never get to weird stuff like that” said Benjamin,

“It is weird because you think it would have a crazy effect on you, it is amazing because as a child you’ve been dreaming about your song playing on the radio.” Conor continued.

“You hit that milestone and you move on to the next one.”

The EP is available on digital streaming sites now.

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