With a steady growth in his fanbase, T Nale has added new music to his catalogue.

Walk Over Me’ is the latest emotive single from the Jozi based artist.

“Most of the stuff I have released is emotive because of my writing style, so whatever I put on a track is what I’ve been through.” Explained T Nale.

Relatability is what the Trap-Soul artist is striving to do.

“Walk Over Me’ is about being vulnerable and being okay with yourself and expressing yourself over a beat.”

The song is inspired by heartbreak and the fear of being alone.

[It is about being] in an unstable relationship and allowing someone to take advantage of you,

“To a point where you would do anything just to please that individual.” Said T Nale about the song.

He admits that he wants to constantly strive for perfection when it comes to his music and he is building on the brand.

“I want to be at a place where I can release something now and receive a 100,000streams in a day.”

He also prides himself at being genuine, which is what he credits his growing fanbase to.

“It is about being real.”

T Nale has a song with the Legendary Zola 7 called ‘Hola Tjovitjo’.

“I have looked up to him like a mentor, He’s a legend.”

The visuals of the song were delayed due to the pandemic however the artist is confident that it will be shot soon.

‘Walk Over Me’ which advocates for rising from a bad relationship is available on various digital platforms.

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