Zambian DJ/Producer, El Mukuka has released a new song with the legendary James Sakala called ‘Heatwave’.

The high energy, feel-good tune fuses Zambian folk with Western piano-house.

“‘Heatwave’ to me is a song about letting your hair down and having an amazing summer night filled with romance, dancing and bliss.” Said Mukuka.

The song was written alongside American singer-songwriter Bailey Hyneman and is sang in English and Zambian Bemba.

“I truly hope this song succeeds in shining a little light on as many people as it can during these dire times.”

Multiple-award winning Zambian folk singer James Sakala has worked with numerous top African musicians including the late Zimbabwean superstar Oliver Mtukudzi.

The release of ‘Heatwave’ is accompanied by remixes from Cee ElAssaad and Mario Da Ragnio & Mikimoto, adding a wide variety of listening and dancing pleasure for ‘Heatwave’.

Cee ElAssaad has been ranked as 21st best afro house artist in 2016 by Traxsource.

He is a seasoned music lover and one of the most prominent DJs and producers in the African house music scene.

Listen to ‘Heatwave here:

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