SC.Undercover with his signature paint on his face. Picture: Supplied

UK born artist SC.Undercover has released the visuals for his highly anticipated track ‘Morals’ which is a must watch.

As much as his music is influenced by UK garage, pop and R&B, he considers himself as a genre-less artist.

“Music to me is universal, in the sense of I don’t want to be restricted by genres, I love music for all it is an all its forms.” Said SCU

Morals is an upbeat garage inspired song about love and heartbreak and a continuation of his previous slow tempo song ‘Darkness After Life’.

“I wanted to create a summer song that had a little bit of nostalgia and a little bit organic and more upbeat.”

The music video was shot in Atlanta, where he has been spending a lot of time, sees him go to various locations in the city while singing in public.

“We shot it on Independence Day last year, so all the fireworks that were in it were real.” He continued.

“It all came together [really] quickly, I’m talking within two days.”

He mentioned that he loved every moment, even though they “nearly got kicked out by security” because they didn’t tell anyone they are filming.

With his EP currently in the works, SCU said he wants to create “something that hopefully people will enjoy.”

“I still want to be experimental, but I want to continue on the current theme of things, expect more of what you’ve already heard.”

“I am really looking forward to share some more stuff.” he added.

Dealing with Mental Health

Having suffered from addiction and mental health problems, SCU finds it important for people to speak out about whatever they are facing, especially men.

“It can be quite difficult for people to say, ‘I’ve got a problem, I think I might need help with it’” He said, “and If I can encourage people to do something then that’s what I’ll do”.

He also spoke on how lending a helping hand can make a difference in someone’s life.

“Even if you can talk to somebody through a DM that’s on the other side of the world, that can have a huge impact.”

Now with COVID-19 forcing people to stay indoors, and further fuelling depression and anxiety, positivity is what the artist said could help anyone feel a little bit better.

Check out his brand-new music video for ‘Morals’ below:


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