South African multi-talented artist Pilani Bubu is excited about her very unexpected SAMA Nomination.

Pilani is nominated for the category of Best African Adult Contemporary Album for ‘Folklore Chapter 1’.

“I was two hours late. I didn’t even know where the person who congratulated me found the poster.” She said in excitement.

“It is something that I really desired, something I really wished for.”

The ‘Baile’ singer had worked on the album for four years before releasing it in November 2019.

“It was like ‘here’s a stamped, affirmed’, we hear you, we acknowledge you.” She explained how the moment felt like.

Pilani said she is happy for the opportunity “to be taking a seat at the table” and having her music reach more people.

“The project itself has many more lives to live and something like this helps me breathe more life into it.”


The songwriter who is independent and self publishes has started a folklore movement.

“It is to encourage the culture of storytelling as we always did in African culture.” Said the upbeat Pilani.

“As you know in the past we would sit by the fire and beat our drums and creativity would come out.”

“These songs would come out and we would connect to something bigger than us.”

Asked about any positives about life during a pandemic as an artist, she said the future is technology.

“As a creative we are always sitting with big ideas that require time and this has given me time to use technology.”

“It has made me think about the future of the music industry, I have been able to do a global live streamed concert.”

“It was an exercise to see how quickly people can adapt to the reality of watching concerts online.”

The storyteller is looking to release brand new music soon and has given hints on what to expect.

“On the performance that I did which is on video on demand, there is a song I sang on my 90-minute show”

“So, if people want to know they should buy the ticket for R40 and watch it.”

The SAMAs will take place virtually from 3-7 August on Mzansi Magic with the repeat on Channel O.

“Whether I win or lose, I am in alignment, I am doing the right thing and people can pay attention, I like that.

Check out her single ‘Baile’ below:

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