South African singer/songwriter Rowlene has released her new single ‘STOP’ from her upcoming album 11:11 due out on 13 November.

The 23-year-old Rowlene has been building her craft and climbing the charts collaborating with various noteworthy names.

The album will be released via Nasty C’s Tall Racks Record, which Rowlene is signed to.

Known for many chart topping and platinum selling hits, the artist is now channeling all that energy into her own album.

“I feel the music should speak for itself,” comments Rowlene.

“It’s been a long time coming and we are finally here.  I wanted my album to be a compilation of a playlist that I could listen to as well as the next person and so the process to curate the songs was meticulous and diligent.”

Her latest single ‘Stop’ is exactly that.

It is a about understanding one’s purpose and role and how indispensable you may be.

“I’m tired of being a power source and I’m left empty and seeing how it affects me. It’s a feel-good song,” she says.

She counts on her emotionally textured voice to deliver the meaning with impact.

“Music is so delicate and open to interpretation, but the emotions I evoke will be felt.” concluded Rowlene.

Her other current singles are “Danger,” “Sunday Morning” feat Manana and “Hypnotise” feat Nonso Amad.

Preorder the album 11:11, stream “STOP” on all digital music streaming platforms.

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