“Senzeni na?”, these are the words South African women sang during the apartheid era, today it is against Gender-Based-Violence.

Rouge and Amanda Black have teamed up to deliver their amazing rendition of the song.

With Gender-Based-Violence being so rife in South Africa, this is a song we needed.

“I remember being beaten by thugs who were hijacking me.” Shared Rouge on her Instagram.

The rapper was putting into perspective the depth of the song.

“I didn’t even try and fight. I was cooperating but they still found the need too.”

“Getting hit so hard in the face felt like getting hit with a rock. #senzenina” she concluded.

Translating to “What have we done?” Amanda Black sings in the song about mourning the slain women.

“Our cries go unheard, no matter what we do, there is no difference.” Sings Amanda.

These are the sentiments shared by many women in South Africa when it comes to GBV.

South Africa is considered as the ‘Rape capital’ of the world.

More than a cry for help

‘Senzeni na?’ is not only a cry for help but message for women to unite and fight back.

“You strike a woman you strike a rock.” These words go to show the power that women possess.

With the song released in August, which is Women’s month in South Africa, this all female collaboration continues to show unity in women.

“Love and light to all affected by GBV and Sexual Assault, and Safe travels to the spirits that have left us and peace and stillness to the tormented spirits here with us.” Said Black on Instagram.

Music has always been a sense of hope for South Africans and such a song enforces that.

To fight Gender-Based-Violence, it needs for all of us to take a stand so that women never need to ask what they have done.

Rouge and Amanda black put their bare feelings into the song which makes it a brilliant song to listen and learn from.

The ‘Dololo’ rapper has been nominated for an AFRIMMA in the category ‘Best Female Rap Act’.

This is why she is our artist of the week.

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