If you were at a concert and Boskasie comes out to perform, one of the first things that you will notice about her is her hair.

This mad talented South African platinum selling artist joins me for a podcast episode like no other.

Split into two, this episode focuses on identity in South Africa and in the music business.

“The word means bushy, untidy [hair],” explaining the meaning on her stage name alongside its history.

“They used that to describe our hair in a derogatory way,” said Boskasie.

This part of the episode goes in and tackles topics such as the ‘Don’t touch my hair’ movement and early music influences.

Boskasie also takes us through her time studying abroad, her first performances and some family history.

This is not a podcast episode that you can afford to miss!

On the next episode we chat about her new EP, We are Gold and we find out the big point, how music has changed their lives.

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