Moonchild Sanelly is a tonk truck with no brakes.

Her new Ep ‘Nüdes’ continues to solidify her role as the biggest Qgom artist in South Africa.

Besides that Moonchild embodies self-love and celebrates sexuality and calls out naysayers.

“The whole EP is about liberation. I have a range of fun experimental sounds mixed with day to day.”

Featuring the incredible TikTok smash hit ‘Thunda Thighs’, the EP is an empowering work of art.

The EP is packed with Moonchild’s quintessential infectious energy and sure to keep you dancing throughout.

‘Newtown Chips’ explores sexual consent, betrayal of trust and ‘revenge porn’.

“Nüdes is a celebration of sharing the best parts of our curves and corners with someone we trust.”

“Exploring how this can turn into a nightmare if the person you trusted chooses to exploit it.”

The project touches on other relationship aspects such as cheating in ‘Bashiri’.

Moonchild recently worked with Beyoncé on her ‘Black Is King’ Project.

She has now announced another collaboration with British virtual Band Gorillaz.

‘With Love To An Ex’ is the name of the song that Moonchild will be on.

The album is available for Pre-Order and will be out on October 23rd.

Her 8 Track EP is available across all digital music stores to stream or download.

A perfect anthem for the the summer.

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