South African Gqom duo Love Devotion has released a vibey song about love and friendship.

‘Ng’delile’ is the latest song from the pair, this time they team up with DJ Steve.

The surprise though is that the song is not a Gqom song.

“The song was written and recorded just before lockdown” said team member Dulcie Mthembu.

I had my own interpretation of the song, it being heart break. But by the looks of things, there are many.

“The song for me is about disappointments and failed dreams that were created as friends, it is not necessarily about a lover.” Dulcie said, laughing.

Peekay, also has her own interesting interpretation.

“If you listen to the song, you can hear a couple break up and the guy says, ‘don’t come back’.”

“So, it is about a broken heart regardless.”

Changing things a bit

The ‘Ninja’ hit makers said they are happy that they could show versatility in this song, to show that they aren’t pinned on one genre.

“Our fans have been saying that they didn’t expect us to have such a melodic song, because they know the hype that we’re about.”

“They are happy now because they realise that we are talented, and we have more to offer.” Dulcie said with pride.

“I know some people wondered what would happen to us should Gqom music disappear, now they know.” Said Peekay as she bursts into laughter.

The music video for ‘Ng’delile’ has been shot and is expected to drop very soon.

The duo is also looking on releasing an album.

“The album was is one the way, but we can’t confirm when it will be released just yet.”

“The album with accommodate everyone, Gqom lovers will find that and house and chilled music lovers will find that as well.”

The song is available to stream across all digital platforms. Click here to listen.

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