BMW South Africa is celebrating Heritage month by honouring the ‘Gusheshe’, BMW 325is.

Besides the stunning visuals for the ad, a sample of one of Kwesta’s songs plays throughout.

If you listen closely, you can hear that the song sounds like Kwesta’s smash hit, ‘Spirit’.

The only difference here is the keys.

It turns out that the ‘Spirit’ rapper didn’t know anything about his music being sampled.

Kwesta did some research prior to talking about the issue.

“Had to school myself and get expert opinion and backing first.. Si down stairs bafwethu!!!” he tweeted.


In music terms, sampling is taking a part of someone’s song, usually beats, melodies or harmonies and adding it to your song.

There are other aspects as well, however it is reusing someone else’s song and even manipulating it.

However, one needs permission to do this.

Kwetsa has asked BMW South Africa to “do the right thing”.

With the right thing being to acknowledge the use of his work.

“It took so much effort from so many people to get the rights to sample that song.” He said in a recent tweet.

“This ad cheapens all of those efforts.” He continued.

The motor company posted the video on September 20th.

Kwetsa on ‘Spirit’ also sampled Spirit Chaser’s ‘These Tears’, his version was produced by Makwa.

There hasn’t been a reply from BMW just yet.

Watch the video here and tweet @onmusicwithmatt to share your views.

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