Jimmy Nevis is back with a brilliant new single ‘Magenta’ across all digital platforms today & drops a stunning music video too.

‘Magenta’ is the latest bop Nevis through Gallo Record Company which follows up on his most recent solo single ‘Hey Jimmy’ which was a huge success on South African radio.

The single reached the #1 spot on multiple radio stations, including the KFM Top 40 where it stayed at #1 for a record breaking 6 consecutive weeks.

He performed the song on National TV for the Miss South Africa pageant which took place last weekend.

Still on that upbeat and catchy vibe, ‘Magenta’ however has a deeper meaning to it.

“‘Magenta’ is about reaching that place of euphoria. I think it also has a spiritual side to it. For me, it’s about the journey to paradise, whatever that may be.”

The track was written in Los Angeles by Nisha Asnani, Jimmy Nevis, and Michael McEachern and it didn’t take them a long time to pen it down.

“We started talking about Lionel Richie and how his music just takes us to a happy place.”

“Eventually it started to feel emotional and we just let it happen. This song is all about the feeling.”

The song is truly a South African song, with it’s beats and sounds.

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The Video

With the release of the single, comes a visually beautiful music video that captures the beauty of the Cape’s nature.

The music video was filmed by Daniel Mpilo Richards and Newton Stanford, and Nevis had shot three possible music videos for the single, but this was the main one that captured ‘Magenta’ for him.

The video in short includes beautiful singing, scenery and dancing, and definitely shows a different side to Jimmy.

“This video means so much to me on so many levels.”

“[It] explores this journey between myself and another spiritual side of me.”

However, the best thing about it is that one can make up their own interpretation of the video.

The waterfall where the video was shot is a place that Nevis describes as “one of my favourite spots in the world.”

“It also feels like I got to capture a very sacred space.”


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