Following the success of the massive bop, ‘Hey Jimmy’, Howard Edward and Jimmy Nevis have a new song ‘Take a While’.

The song was written in mid-2019 and released this week.

The producer and Singer-Songwriter work together often.

“We were actually in the studio together writing with another artist for his project.” Said the Producer about how the song came about.

“I was like ‘yo I have this beat I want you to hear!ʼ. I played it for Jimmy and he just started free-styling this melody…”

‘Take A While’ was recorded at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town where Howard is an engineer.

The lyrics to the song inspire hope, letting one know that all will be well, however it may ‘Take a while’.

It is really another way of saying; “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.”

Jimmy Nevis enjoyed working on this record with Howard.

“It was just an easy and simple experience working with Howard again.” Said Jimmy.

“’Take a While’ is such a great track.” Concluded Nevis.

The song is out on all digital platforms to stream or buy, with a lyric video out on YouTube.

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