South African based Producer/Songwriter Kiss Beatz is enjoying being behind the mic.

He has released a brand-new song ‘Ngonga Nini’.

“I was in a weird entanglement.” He said laughing.

He was giving the reason that led to him writing and recording his latest single.

Ngonga Nini means ‘until when?’

His entanglement as he calls it involved two girls who happened to be friends.

“I didn’t know that they were friends.”

The song is about fixing his issues with a girl he loves and wants things to work.

“What I mean is ‘I’m with you, so why are you trying to bring back the past’?”

“I am also saying until when will I go through this?”

The producer recently worked on a song that took the country by storm in recent weeks.

He produced Vunhie’s ‘My Yoki Yoki’ which claimed fame at this Year’s South African Idols.

“He had his guitar and I loved how he sounded.” He spoke about meeting the artist.

The artists didn’t know each other by the time they worked together.

“I didn’t know who he was until I was sent a YouTube link and I saw he was blowing up.”

He thanks his best friend who is now his manager who hinted he should also sing.

“I was just a producer; I wasn’t about the singing thing until 2016.”

Since then besides working on multiple records, he has released a couple of his songs.

‘Ngonga Nini’ is available across multiple digital platforms.

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