Nigerian artist Victony knew from a young age that he wanted to make music.

His latest EP ‘Saturn’ has been streamed over half-a-million times in a matter of days.

“I was very excited to discover that [the 500 000 streams], it is new to me.”

This is the highest number of streams the 19-year-old has received in the first week of a project.

“I feel like I have grown, and I am getting to a new level and things are working out.”

Speaking about this early success of his EP, Victony said he doesn’t have a secret plan.

“My music is me and my bare emotions [so] people are able to connect to it quickly,”

“Especially people who feel as unique as I am and I feel like new kids feel unique,”

“That’s what my generation is about, connecting to music on another level.”

Victony is featured on Apple Music as part of the “New artist spotlight” for September.

Unapologetically unique

The chilled and vibey ‘Saturn’ EP has a deeper behind the title story.

“Saturn for me is the weirdest planet in space, but still not afraid to be the largest in the room,”

“That’s what this project is about, breaking out as much as you can, being different and showing uniqueness to its max.”

The opening track ‘More’ sets the tone for the EP and encompasses his honest emotions.

“So, the message of Saturn is acceptance, self-discovery, being unique without fear of judgement from the crowd.”

Unlike his 2017 mixtape ‘The Outlaw King’, this time around the artist infuses R&B, Trap & Afro-Pop on the project.

Nigerian rapper, Falz is featured on one of the songs on the project, which was totally unplanned.

“Falz did an amazing job, he complimented the song quite well and it turned out to be magic.”

The artist is not actively looking to collaborate with any artist yet but is open to the idea.

“For I’m still focusing on myself a whole lot more.”

With Victony relying heavily on creating an experience on his social media platforms, he talks about how to stay ahead of the game.

“When you are putting out content on social media, you have to be consistent,”

“You have to put out good content that is quite catchy and what someone would want to watch.”

Besides making music the ‘Maria’ singer is a Petroleum Engineering student.

“It’s been crazy yet interesting trying to juggle between school and music.”

Now with the pandemic, music has sort of taken the front seat for him.

Victony has expressed his gratitude to his supporters who have been around through his short career.

Engage with Victony on Instagram: vict0ny

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