I got to chat to singer/songwriter Rose following the release of her new single ‘The End’.

‘The End’ is the third single to come out from her upcoming album ‘Rose On A Ranch’.

“The song is so close to my heart because it is about my mother and what she went through.”

“As a single mother having to raise kids on your own while trying to find employment is difficult.”

“So, I am just applauding my mother for raising me to this woman that I have grown up to be.” Said the artist.

It was a conversation with her mother a few years ago where her mother gave her the blessing to pursue music full-time that further inspired the song.

“In a way she was saying ‘this is the end of my worries, I am giving you to the world,’”

The ‘Take it All’ artist is signed to Prince Kaybee’s Lowkey Records.

“If someone listens to the song without the explanation you can interpret it the way you want to,” she further explained the song.

Life in lockdown

With the pandemic causing artists to go months without gigs or any money Rose said it is has helped her relax.

“I got to sit down with myself and really know who Rose is, I got to learn new skills and be home a lot.”

“I am just grateful I just had the time [to unwind] even though there were no gigs and no money coming in.”

She said she also learnt that “it also teaches you to save for the future and plan for the future.”

This however was a great time for her to put in the finishing touches to her album.

Asked about one thing that she has done less than normal during quarantine, she mentioned cutting her hair.

“I got to change my hair colour two weeks ago, and now I need to get a haircut,” she said breaking in laughter.

“Since lockdown I’ve cut my hair once”

Another positive she took from the pandemic was letting go of certain habits, which she is very proud of.

However, she notes that “for some people [lockdown] was really bad.”

Nonetheless, it was an eye opener for her.

The Album

Her album, ‘Rose on A Ranch’ drops on September 4th.

The 10-Track album was produced by Prince Kaybee and Tukzin, however has no features.

“I felt like I needed to concentrate more on myself than features,”

“You know with features people focus on the person that was featured [instead of focusing on the music].”

“I just want the world to know who Rose is before I start dabbling into other music related things.”

To find out about the unique album Title, the ‘Morena’ singer laughed and said a lot of people always ask her the question.

“I am showing appreciation to my rural backgrounds because I am from a farm.”

“For my brand, I am looking to inspire young girls and boys out there”

The album has been three years in the making and the artist is excited to have everyone listening to it soon.

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