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Minnie Ntuli’s dreams are an exciting reality and a reason why people should never stop dreaming.

She is a musician, Radio and TV presenter, Reality TV star, an MC and a million other things all at once.

Minnie shot to fame when she returned to the reality TV singing show ‘Idols’ and she made it to the top 16, after being rejected the previous year.

“An instant instinct should have been me being afraid to go because I was afraid of what people will say.”

“It motivated me to go back again, it made sense for me to go back.” She said proudly.

Ending that chapter with Idols wasn’t the end of her rise to stardom or the start.

It was around the same time she met Prince Kaybee who now describes her as the next best thing in Afro Pop.

In 2018 she joined another reality TV show, but this time it was a cooking show where she captured the hearts of many who enjoy the show.

She later joined regional commercial station, East Coast Radio, after being on Campus radio.

The return to music

Single Artwork for ‘Intaba’. Picture: Minnie Ntuli/Twitter

It did not take long for her finding herself doing something very close to her heart again, music.

Her undying spirit is also captured in her lyrics, like the song she did with Prince Kaybee, the song with Dj Vumar and her debut single, Intaba.

“Imbokodo (with Prince Kaybee), we’re speaking to women to get up and fight for what they want and what they deserve”

“Imoto, we’re speaking to a woman that’s fighting for their love.”

“Intaba, this person is fighting for their love that we can’t see each other but we won’t give up.” Explained Minnie.

“I’ve realised that I am also fighting in music, I know I always want to send a message.”

“I don’t think I will ever sing about drugs and money because that’s not who I am, whatever I do must carry a message to someone and at least make them feel good.”

Love lives on

Talking about love, Minnie admits that ‘Intaba’ was inspired by a long-distance relationship which sadly ended before the release of the single.

“I was in a 5-year relationship with someone I wasn’t seeing, but I knew for sure that I loved them and I wanted to be with them for the rest of my life.”

She also mentioned that the song is for lovers who can’t be together but are doing whatever it takes to stay together.

Covid-19 has gave couples time to be with each other and since the song was released during lockdown, Minnie said it made the message even clearer.

“It was at perfect time because people were willing to listen, not because of hype, but a message”

“The song did a lot for couples, it brought them back together, people sending the song to each other, it was such a beautiful thing to watch South Africa do.”

The road to the release of Intaba was a constant battle for her as the days drew closer to everyone being able to hear the song.

“I was second guessing myself, ‘Should I release this song?’, ‘Am I ready?’, because I was allowing South Africa into a different part of my life.”

“Music for me is spiritual, and I was about to let millions into my mind and my heart, I was scared.” She explained.

Now that the song is now out in the world, she said she is grateful.

“For the first time in a long time, I had to let people tell my story.”

“For the longest time I wasn’t sure of my story, but now I absolutely know my story.”

As cliché as ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ sounds, Minnie credits her team for helping her stay focused.

“It is so important to have people that help you because at the end of the day I had to realise that I am not super woman.”

Her ‘family at Low-Key Records’ as she calls them also on radio and her brand are the ones that are constantly backing her up.

Prince Kaybee is one of those who has become more than just a friend, but a mentor in the music business.

“For him to believe in me when he knows how I feel about music is so overwhelming.” Said an emotional Minnie.

To the world and beyond

A “very different” full body of work is in the pipeline for her and she wants to explore multiple genres.

When asked for her last words to her fans, she wanted to spread love.

“Intaba is my love letter to Africa, for now I just belong to Africa and it this should be a reminder that I love Africa.”

“Soon, I will belong to the world”

“If I spread my wings, learn more languages, do things in different platforms, then impact is bigger – cause we’re all about impact.”

Buy and Stream Minnie Ntuli’s ‘Intaba’ on all digital platforms and join her on East Coast Radio from Friday Nights at 7pm!

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