There are many different success stories, James Deacon’s music journey is a “dream come true.”

The 23-year-old alternative rock artist went from quitting his job in 2019, to bagging an international deal with HBO to now being nominated for a SAMA Award.

“It’s such a stamp of confidence and it’s so nice to be recognised by the incredible establishment that is the SAMAS.” Said an excited James.

“Just To be nominated was amazing especially because I was nominated with the first EP I have ever released.”

The ‘Not Givin’ Up’ singer is nominated for Best Alternative Album at the 26th Annual Awards for his EP ‘The Calling’.

The EP was so successful that ‘Son of Apollo’ was selected to soundtrack HBO’s 8-week movie promo campaign.

“For the second song that I have ever released to get that kind of recognition was amazing.”

“It was the first time a South African’s music was used by HBO for a promo of that kind.”

“I sort of set a record there.” He said Laughing.

James has had major success with his singles on a commercial space released his second EP ‘Renegade’ which features songs such as ‘Reason’ and his personal favorite ‘Rain On Me’.

“The Renegade EP is a lot more matured [compared to the previous one] for me as a songwriter.”

“The songs are very close to my heart.”

“Each song is a moment that I try to capture in music of a very important chapter of my life or career.”

His smash radio hit ‘Reason’ is a dedication to his girlfriend who encouraged him to chase his dreams.

He then went on to quitting his corporate job to focus on music full-time.

“It is sort of a thank you to her, my first love song.”

“It is a ‘Thank you for believing in me enough when I didn’t believe in myself’.” Said the SAMA nominee.

At 3am, a lot of people are snoozing, but James was busy going over music video ideas for ‘Mr Misery’, his favorite song to perform.

“I got a message from an old friend from my days playing guitar in a previous band, who turned out to be an amazing videographer!”

“We literally decided to do the video and started filming 2 days later.”

Shot under strict Covid-19 restrictions, he is happy with the message that the video potrays.

The singer has confirmed that he will be releasing two more songs this year since the lockdown has gave him more time to write.

“We (him and his team) are deciding whether we’re going with another EP or maybe a full-scale album…”

“That’s definitely on the cards, I’ve got a lot of material and through lockdown I have been writing more than ever.”

Check out the music video to ‘Mr Misery’ below:

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