South Africaโ€™s finest music export, DJ Black Coffee has responded to rumours of dating fitness bunny Alexandra Cane.

โ€œWow Animuncu.โ€ He tweeted.

Translated, he said “Wow Ya’ll are bitter.”

The rumours were sparked when Can posted a picture captioned: โ€œReady for caffeine overdose @realblackcoffeeโ€.

Black Coffee replied to the tweet in a language that has been found to be Greek.

โ€œLetโ€™s go!!!!โ€ reads the translated tweet.

The DJ is currently in Mykonos, Greece where he has music lovers dancing their nights away.

With Alexandra being in the same place, fans have flooded the post on twitter with speculations.

Shortly after the tweet, ‘Mbali’, who was Black Coffee’s wife shot to the top of the Twitter trends.

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