It has been a week since we announced  that singer/songwriter Sjava and Producer have a new record label.

1020 Cartel has released its first single ‘Amahora’ by the newly signed Anzo and Mkukulu.

The two were signed alongside vocalist Yallunder & poet Nue-Sam, who will all make an appearance on label’s first collaborative album.

‘iSambulo’ will be released on August 28 and will feature Sjava as well.

“I have so much faith in the four artists we are working with.” Said Sjava following the announcement of the label last week.

Each week, singles off the album will be released, leading to the album.

‘Amahora’ also features Bongane Hadebe on the saxophone and tells the story of the heartache caused by South Africa’s legacy of migrant labour.

The song captures the lamentations of homesick man who is counting the hours until he can leave work, pack his bags and go home to see his wife.

Asked about the song, this is what the artists had to say:

“It’s about wishing to go home to see your loved ones to a point where you can’t get your eyes off the watch,”

“You’re counting the hours to the time you can go home.” Said Anzo.

Mzukulu echoed the same sentiments but with an even deeper meaning.

“For me the song is a reminder and encouragement that we should never forget where we come from,”

“We all know we have people back at home who mean so much to us.” Concluded Mzukulu.

There is more music to be expected from all the other 1020 Cartel artists in the next few weeks.

‘Amahora’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

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